Returns, Refunds And Guarantee Policy

Returns, Refunds And Guarantee Policy

Return Policy (within 30 days from delivery date)

In accordance with your statutory rights, we accept returns within 30 days of your order's delivery date under certain conditions:
  1. The product must be unused, undamaged and in the same condition as received (unless it arrived broken or damaged).
  2. The item must be correctly prepared for shipment to make sure we receive it the same the condition it was delivered. We recommend opening the package carefully in order to be able to reuse it, in case you wish to return the product.
  3. If the item has been damaged during transport on its way back to us or is not returned as noted above, reserves the right to refuse to accept the item or emit a refund.
In all cases, we send the return labels for your convenience.

Will I be refunded any shipping costs?

We'll refund your shipping costs (both the sending and return) on items sold by Protoolsmarket, up to our standard delivery option cost, in the following cases:

  1. You received an incorrect item
  2. You received a damaged item
  3. You received a defective item
  4. You received an item that does not match its description

If you received an item sold by that is either incorrect, damaged, defective, or doesn't match its description, we'll either offer you the option to return the product via a prepaid carrier option, or, if that's not possible and the cost of returning the item exceeds our standard delivery option, please contact us to receive a refund for any reasonable additional postage costs you incurred. Note that we may require proof of postage in order to refund such additional postage costs.

If your return is not the result of a error, and you’re using a pre-paid return method, we’ll deduct both the cost of the shipping and returning the product from your refund. For returns from within Spain, costs start at €4.20 (plus VAT). International return costs start at €7.50 (plus VAT). Please note that returns that contain multiple items, parcels or large items, may cost more.

Cancellation Policy

We ship out orders every weekday, from Monday to Friday. If you wish to cancel your order without incurring shipping costs, please contact our customer service before 13:00 (CET) on the nearest shipping day, otherwise your product may be shipped and you will be deducted the shipping costs when we refund you. In latter case, it is important to refuse the package upon arrival to avoid further shipping costs.

Guarantee Policy (within 2 years from delivery date)

Troubleshooting and customer support may be available to resolve any issues with your product. Please contact us if you experience any problems with your product.

The Protoolsmarket guarantee covers any defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within a period of two years. 

According to EU law, any fault that appears within 6 months will be presumed to have existed at the time of delivery. We will then repair or replace your product free of charge, or reimburse you if repair or replacement is impossible, after our repair centre technicians assess if the product is faulty or defective. 

After 6 months, however, we can ask you to prove that the defect existed when your goods were delivered. You need to enlist the help of an independent technician to provide an objective assessment.

Important: does not accept returns or offer replacements/repairs/refunds for consumable products (e.g. batteries, fuses, ink, light bulbs, starters, etc.) or if the defect is due to accidental damage, deliberate damage, caused by external factors, or general wear and tear.

Repair Service

This section explains how long your repair will take and costs involved.

How long will the repair take?

When you send your item directly to us, you'll receive a confirmation email once we receive it. The item will be inspected and the issue will be diagnosed. If the defect is covered by the our manufacturer's warranty, the item will be repaired free of charge returned to you at no additional cost. Usually repairs take up to 14 business days (including delivery time), but could take slightly longer.

How much will the repair cost?

Sending your item for a repair, the return shipping and the repair itself is generally free of charge, if the product is defective or faulty. 

If the problem isn't covered by the manufacturer's warranty, or if the warranty has been voided (for example if the defect is due to accidental damage, deliberate damage, caused by external factors, or general wear and tear), you'll be contacted by our customer support with a repair estimate. You can decide whether to ask the technician to proceed with the repair at an additional cost. Payment for such repairs, including any applicable delivery charges, will be made directly to you.

Products excluded from our return policy

Certain products that are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygienic reasons after delivery or which are, after delivery, inseparably mixed with other items, cannot be refunded.

Return/Refund Process

  1. Check out troubleshooting guides or contact us for technical assistance before submitting a return.

  2. Submit a return request by email at Don't forget to tell us the return reason and order reference number.

  3. Print the prepaid return label we send you and wait for the courier to arrive on a designated day (at least 2 working days from today).

  4. Once we receive your return, we will either refund, repair or replace the returned item. Please note that it can take up to 14 business days after we receive your return before we can process your refund or exchange. You will be updated by email once your refund is issued.

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